Rockburn, Bridport

Are your kids climbing the walls? Perfect! We’ve found a place where that is not only encouraged, but you can join in too.
Tucked away on the corner of Foundry & Priory Lanes in Bridport is Rockburn, new bouldering centre which has already got off to a flying start. Open seven days a week, it caters for everyone over the age of 5, and is making a real effort to offer something for everyone.

If you have never heard of bouldering, it’s a kind of low-level rock-climbing, with the emphasis more on technique, problem-solving and exploring your own limits than on just getting as high up as possible. The arena mimics cave walls, with strange angles and inclines, overhangs and even cave roofs, with artificial holds dotted all over every face. It’s low-level, so there are no ropes to worry about, and it’s perfect for those with no head for heights.

The holds are different colours, with each colour being a different difficulty, so for example, greens might be big and close together, while reds may be tiny and far apart. This means that there are many different routes and challenges, and with these being changed every two weeks, you should never get bored.

With beginners, family sessions and after-school clubs, children are well provided for, and there is a teen drop-in session on a Friday evening. The afternoons and evenings tend to be a good mix of adults, with one group of mums apparently enjoying their afternoon sessions so much they’ve arranged to have their kids delivered there for the after-school club so they they don’t have to leave!

The Rock cafe is still expanding its offer, but they serve a good range of coffees and drinks, and have very reasonable, healthy snacks.
Plans for the future include a gym, expanding the bouldering area and even possibly a see-through cave roof.

For outdoor types in indoor weather, and for days when everyone else is outdoors and it’s quiet inside, it’s never a bad time to go, which is genius in this country with our ‘interesting’ weather. It’s a great way to unwind after a day at work, have some time out during a busy day, or hang out as a family, and it’s an opportunity to learn a new skill which doesn’t demand lots of specialist equipment, organising a huge team or rely on the right weather. Another win for Bridport!

20th January 2018